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papabubble brussels

Handmade and homemade artistic candies. Amazing flavors and designs build in front of you in our shop! Personalized candy for your personal events and company gifts.


In papabubble brussels, we wish to make you rediscover a traditional, quality confectionery entirely hand made in our small shop in the centre of Brussels.


Our business is a challenge for a 100% handmade production, on human scale and in harmony with the environment, but above all for a delicious and high quality candy. This is why we only use Belgian, natural ingredients and of plants origin.

We are always looking for new experiences, so we can offer innovative and surprising flavours, seasonal creations with exclusive designs.

You can also create your own candy for events, weddings, birth, company gifts,... or simply for pleasure!


Handmade candy that arouses the senses and imagination.

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