prices and packaging

personalized candy       in bulk       43€/kilo 






The personalized candy order goes from 3kg to 10kg minimum, depending on the complexity of the candy.

You can choose to order the candy in bulk, per 1kg bags, and use your own packaging.

If you choose that option, here are some advices that can be usefull: make sure your packaging is hermetic, idealy glass or thick plastic. We advise not to use pressurized closing devices, and/or not to fill the jars too much so the candy can still moove. Finaly try not to pack a day with high humidity level. This will help you to keep your candy shiny and dry as long as possible. And must of all don't hesitate to ask us for some advices! :)

You will find here a list of our jars and bags if you choose to work with our packaging. Please note that the prices announced here are the total price per unit: bag or jar with the personalized candy ant vat inclued. This is NOT a price to add to the bulk.

personalized candy           our packaging





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